Initial Consultation:  This meeting is a must to assure that Animal Instinct
Pet Sitting Service can provide the most personalized pet care and dog
walking possible. We will go over the  individual needs of your pet(s), their
preferences and routines. At this time we will review and complete all

Pet Sitting: We will discuss and determine  the best number of daily visits
for your pet(s).
Animal Instinct Pet Sitting will provide your pet with all of his or her daily
needs and creature comforts. We will walk, feed and play with your pet,
keeping them happy, well cared for and stimulated while you're away.
We will clean up any pet accidents making sure that your pets' environment
is clean and safe at all times.
Cat care includes fresh food and water(of course), and litter box scooping.
Pampering, petting and purring is always provided!
We can  also rotate shades and bring in mail - free of charge. This helps
maintain the normal daily routine for your pets and provides a bit of added
security for your home.

Our service is not limited to dogs and cats - ask about the many other small
animals we are happy to care for!

Dog Walking: We provide dog walks and potty breaks as often as your pet
needs them. This service is perfect for when you are working long hours,
away for the day for pleasure, puppy housebreaking, puppy feeding, and for
any dog requiring a little extra love and care while you are out.  This service
is also perfectly suited for  ill or elderly pet owners who may need a hand
caring for their pet(s).

Socialization Visit: Perfect service for new puppies or any new pet  to
ensure frequent and consistant opportunities to socialize, practice positive
interactions with other pets and people. I will reinforce any skills being
taught as well as work on any behaviors you request such as: excessive
chewing and mouthing, help reinforcing housebreaking, no jumping, etc.
I work using ONLY positive verbal cues as well as ignoring and replacing any
undesired behaviors with appropriate ones.
Early socializing is the key to a well adapted and delightful family pet!

Overnight Boarding: Overnight boarding in my home for well behaved
SMALL breed dogs on an individual basis - one pet (or pets in same
household) at a time.
Your pet will stay in my home and be cared for and pampered 24 hours a day!
Call or contact in advance  for reservations.
"To err is human, to forgive, canine"
~ Anonymous
"All of the
animals except
for man know
that the
business of
life is to enjoy
it " ~Samuel
Butler "
Animal Instinct Pet Sitting Services
: Nancy Kaplan
(914) 907-9959